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By Clay McLeod Chapman
Directed by Pete Boisvert
October 2024

The Flea Theater


On the eve of the 19th Annual International Taxidermy Championships, four experts of the trade gather in a hotel room. Fueled by competitive tension and a whole lot of alcohol, they spend the night vying for supremacy. Who can master the act of creation, and achieve perfection? By the end of the night, one of them proves they are willing to push the boundaries of their craft further than anyone ever thought possible.



By Kayla Eisenberg

Directed by Stephanie Cox-Connolly
Winter/Spring 2025


When Erin arrives to babysit Diane's baby at her cozy townhouse in suburban New Jersey, it seems they have nothing in common - except their birth charts. Through Erin and Diane’s fight to reclaim the agency and love in their lives, they ignite something unanticipated in each other. However, when the moon is full, Lilith comes out to play, and the two women discover that a shared history and astrological sign might beget a bond they never knew they needed.

Clay McCleod Chapman
Clay McLeod Chapman
writes books, comic books, children's books, as well as for film and television. His most recent novels include What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters. You can find him at
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Kayla Eisenberg
Kayla Eisenberg headshot
Kayla Eisenberg
is a Brooklyn based writer, performer, and goofy (b/w)itch. Her writing for both stage and screen has been recognized at the New York Theater (Lilith in Pisces) and Austin Film (Delta Dawn) Festivals and featured on Coverfly’s Red List (The Clares). Kayla’s work has been developed at the Hudson Guild Theater, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Playwrights Downtown, Dixon Place, and Relative Theatrics.

Part curated performance, part open-mic, part house party, this evening of creative camaraderie promises to be a haven for artistic development and community-building in a casual setting.

Join us on Saturday, June 22 at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade with a roving Drop-In Salon to celebrate our Season One productions. There are a bunch of ways to participate - from marching in the parade, to being part of our dance troupe, to being a featured performer on the route or at our post-parade beach party. For more information, or to sign up to participate, reach out to.

And mark your calendars for Saturday, August 10, when we will be hosting another Drop-In Salon at the home of Morgan Zipf-Meister. Check back for more details soon!

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