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Drops in the Vase is committed to independent theater and community building. By providing artists with opportunities to create, promoting audience engagement, and producing live theater, we seek to foster the next era of artistic expression while maintaining a connection to our community’s past.


Indie theater is an integral strand in the fabric that is New York theater. As a collective of artists who have lived in the city for over twenty years, we found community through theater. We have experienced the ups and downs of the industry. We’ve shared the joy of collaborators as they stepped into the spotlight on bigger and bigger stages. We’ve held the hand of other collaborators as they made necessary life changes in order to survive. Through corporate greed, sky high real estate, political upheaval, and gate-keeping inequitable artistic practices, we watched the landscape of our field shift. Spaces where magic occurred shuttered.


Theater has always existed. Art will always find a way. But the community is needed now more than ever. Ups and downs are inevitable, and we look forward to meeting the challenges of growing this community for the next twenty years and beyond.

Director of Artistic Programming
Stephanie Cox-Connolly 
Director of Artistic Producing
Pete Boisvert
Executive Director
Brianna Sauvage
Production Manager
Morgan Zipf-Meister

Technical Director
Chris Connolly

Company Manager
Sarah Lahue
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